Hello 2018 – I’m ready for you!

    Happy belated 2018! I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about this but having had some time during January to think about last year and the year to come I decided to sit down and tell you a little bit about the thoughts that have been going around in my head! 2017 was an exciting, exhausting and overwhelming year! Yes, I know, I haven’t really posted anything, just a couple of Instagram pictures, a blog post here and…

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  • How to beat November Blues

    5 Ways to beat November Blues

    So the day has come: 1st of November. The day after Halloween. The end of a golden October and the beginning of winter is right in front of your doors. The…

  • Dubai City Lights

    Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai

    Big, bigger, Dubai! Well, some might use the word ostentatious to describe this city at the Persian golf. And yes, in Dubai the motto clearly is „the bigger the better“. I…

  • Interior

    Bedroom – Time for a Spring Update

    Winter is finally coming to an end – I’m lying in my bed now every morning waking up to rays of light streaming through my bedroom window. It’s that time of…