Bedroom – Time for a Spring Update

Winter is finally coming to an end – I’m lying in my bed now every morning waking up to rays of light streaming through my bedroom window. It’s that time of year when the air is still crisp and cold outside but there is already that sweet smell of spring promising long days, fresh flowers and goodbye to winter clothing.

So while I was going through my wardrobe deciding what to throw out after this long grey winter, I turned around and looked at my bed. Now, I really love my continental bed from IKEA. Big, comfy, traditional and classy without being old-fashioned. I was just not too happy with my bedding. I love dark colors in the winter especially flannels, plaid designs, greys – but when spring comes it’s time for something new!

Since blue is the it-color in fashion this spring (and my favorite color to wear), I decided to go for a subtle blue theme for my new bedding. Something soft and warm but also fresh and crips. I mixed up one of my favorite IKEA bedding sets NYPONROS with some matching pillowcases I found at hemtex in Sweden and Zara Home here in Frankfurt.

Blue pillowcases

I really love the mixture of checks and stripes. It carries this traditional quality that reminds me of a white-washed house by the sea somewhere in New England. You know this preppy, nautical inspired look right out of the pages of Martha Stewart Living. So when I go to bed at night or wake up in the morning I get this feeling of being away in my fantasy home, ready to go outside, sit on the porch or go down to the beach. If just the pancakes and bacon where already ready to be served!

IKEA bedding

This look is also great for any kind of bedroom; be it for a couple or a single guy/girl. Often when decorating in a more traditional style it can either become too feminine when the patterns include florals or lighter colors or too masculine with darker colors and too many straight patterns. What I love is the timeless and easy design that creates this sense of peace and calm.

So, now I’m gonna head off to my bed, curl up with a good book before I fall asleep and dream of my big white New England home that I want to have one day – right by the beach, sitting on the porch and gazing out onto the sea!

Good Night!


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