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Hello December – What a year!

Those of you you have been following me for a longer time know that I moved to Sweden and started a new job this year. And what a year it was! Besides moving to a new country and figuring out life, career and everything else, my year was marked by a lot of changes and challenges in my families and friends life as well – sickness, break-ups, babies being borne, people passing away – you name it! I’m quite happy now that this year is over soon in order to decompress and focus on better days to come!

It feels like only yeasterday I celebrated my 40s birthday in February – and now it is already December and I’m looking back and just keep thinking *Where the h*ll did all the time went?* What I realized over the year is that I’m way too much of a perfectionist – I always have an image in my head of how things should be but then never come around actually doing them. Fear of not achieving the dream image – but now I’m working on breaking that cycle and *just do it!*

So even my list for December is now a little bit late I wanted to share with you all the exciting things I planned for this months and all things I love at the moment!

  • Have a houswarming party and celebrate the beginning of Advent
  • Spend a weekend at my parents back home in Germany
  • Work on my new bedroom – still in love with the SINNERLIG lamp from IKEA
  • Christmas shopping and a visit to the festive Tivoli in Copenhagen
  • Try a new backing recipe from all the ones I collected on Pinterest
  • Drink lots of Glühwein
  • Send out all my Christmas cards
  • Pop into the new Slettvoll store in Malmö
  • Enjoy the magic of Christmas during my trip to New York City
  • Take advantage of a few days off after Christmas to work on my bucket list for 2018

Tell me, what are your plans for December?




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