New IKEA collections for the traditonal style home

So, as most of you know I have a thing for the more traditional decor. And no, I don’t mean crazy flowers and pastels but the contrast of whites and dark colors that create this light-filled but cozy atmosphere. Now, I can’t redecorate all the time, even though if I wanted to, but there are always some accessories to buy to spice up my apartment.

For April 2016 IKEA is launching some nice new traditional style products that I’m starting to fall in love with.

SANNING dinnerware

Designed by Lycke von Schantz and Inma Bermudez this new dinnerware collection is made out of white colored glass. I love the light and airy design that reminds me of Sunday afternoon cake and tea and my grandmother’s place. Some pieces have a little flower decor on the inside that gives that nice mix and match feeling that you get when buying at a flea market.

SANNING dinnerware in white colored glass

SANNING dinnerware in white colored glass


When I moved into my apartment 5 years ago I got two simple chairs for my kitchen. Now I’m starting to think it’s time for an upgrade. The new NORRARYD chair has the typical back design that reminds me of the Art & Craft movement in North America. This momevemt was inspired by the craftmanship of the Amish community and celebrated simplicity and dedication.

The new design however features an arched back and a new position for the seat. This is supposed to make sitting more comfortable. And the open back is still great for haning the chair onto the wall – much like the Amish did!

NORRARYD chair from IKEA

NORRARYD chair from IKEA

All pictures: © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2016

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