My five must go travel destinations in 2016

Over the past couple of years my desire for traveling and exploring the world has grown ever so much – especially since I have been to Singapore a few years back. While I’m sitting on my couch on this cold and dark winter evening I wonder where I should go next, what places to see and new adventures to live. So I took out a map and looked at the world to find what would be a good place to travel to in 2016.

1. Dubai

Whenever I mention to the people around me that I want to go to Dubai I get a certain look. It’s a mixture of boredom and concern. Yes, I know Dubai is known as the perfect city – gigantic, rich, and dressed to the nines. A showcase of modern luxury, architecture and hedonism. A city that has grown so much over the last 30 years, displaying the wealth of the region to an extreme unbelievable to the average man. And this exactly is what intrigues me. Going to a place that is so perfect, so methodically planned – a kind of Disneyland for grown-ups with its enormous malls, majestic hotels, sights and ostentatious skyscrapers. To many people this is sheer boredom – much like going to an amusement park. Travelers who enjoy the natural, untouched – they will think of me as boring to wanting go to Dubai. But I disagree; for me the appeal is exactly in this artificial world to explore what is real and what is not.

2. Amsterdam

The complete opposite to Dubai. An old, quaint but modern European city. Full of life and love – open-minded people who value each and everybody in their uniqueness. Amsterdam to me is like that crazy Aunt you had as a child – the black sheep of the family that was always getting into trouble but who was always on your side. Who snuck you into parties when you where young and danced with you in front of the TV while babysitting.
I have been to Amsterdam before in the winter and absolutely loved it. I have however never been there when it was warm and sunny – to walk around the canals to soak in the spirit of the city when everybody is out and about. So I will wait for the summer to just get into my car and drive the 4 hours. Just a hop and skip away!

3. Stockholm

Whenever I mention to people that I work for a Swedish company they immediately assume that I have been to Stockholm many times. And sadly the opposite is true. I have been to the south of Sweden many times but never to its beautiful capital – so I think it is time to get on an airplane and discover what lies between all the different islands Stockholm is made of.
To me Stockholm is quintessential Scandinavian: cool, light, colorful, stylish and a bit snobbish. The perfect getaway for the weekend to shop, dine and have a fun night out.

4. UEA

Besides city trips I always try to find some time to just travel someplace warm and relax. Spain, Italy, Turkey – there are many places in Europe I have been to for a fun summer vacation. Now you might want to argue that Dubai is already located in the UEA and if I go to Dubai there is no real reason to travel to the UAE again.
I decided to see if I should like Dubai to then take a second trip to a nice resort in Fujairah or Ras al-Khaimah. Just to relax by the beach, swim, get a tan, eat great food and simply pamper myself a little.

5. Vienna

Vienna holds a special place in my heart. My paternal grandmother came from Vienna and my father until this day likes to recount all the stories she has told him about the time when she was a young girl. I sadly have been only once and that for a funeral I had to attend. Ironic to go to a place that belongs to your family’s history because of a sad occasion. Since this was last year in 2015 I have yet to go to Vienna to see the city in its light-hearted, old world light.

Lots of places to go and things to see – tell me, what are your destinations for 2016?



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